Irritable bowel syndrome

Write a research and discussion paper of 8-10 pages for on this topic. At minimum, please include the following: o Introduction: briefly describe the significance of the condition (why do you decide to write a research paper in this condition; (you can note that I personally have this health condition) and briefly describe the biomedical understanding of the condition. o Relevant biomedical research: comprehensively review the biomedical research literature of the condition. o Relevant Chinese medical research (please use one source related to Chinese medicine on this topic) o Discussion and conclusions o References and citation: at least five references. All writing assignments will be typed in double space with standard fonts (12 points) and margins (1”). Manuscripts for binding should be guttered. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are expected. • Please provide citations for your work, and use credible references. For the purposes of this class, this may include peer reviewed sources such as journals (online or otherwise), textbooks, professional organizations’ sites, etc. Wikipedia, other wiki sites, or non-peer reviewed sources as references are not acceptable. • Proper citation and credible reference source. College recommends using APA format for reference citation.Examples of the Chinese medicine resources would be like this:

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Irritable bowel syndrome
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