Investment Management

Unit 1
1. Importance of ethics – 
2. Investments strategies
3. Career paths in investment.
a. Investment Analyst
b. Portfolio Manager
c. Financial Planner
Unit 3
Common stock valution
Unit 4
4. What are stock market indicators series
a. Priced weighted
b. Value weighted
c. Unweighted
Unit 6
5. What is the impact of a risk-free portfolio correlation
6. How does risk free impact the standard deviation
7. Expected return
8. unSystemic risk – diversation – how to elimate unsystemic risk
9. diagram
unit 7
10. describe an efficient capital market theory
11. why analyst need to focus on mid-tier stocks instead of top tier stocks
12. Why would an investor appreciate the option deverative 
13. Difference between future and forward markets
14. Beta
15. What is common stock valuations 

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