Introduction to Information Systems

Modern Information Technology (IT) departments develop, deliver, and maintain information systems (IS) to internal and external customers. These departments can be hectic, high-pressure environments. Tasks can be highly time-sensitive, and even internal customers can be challenging to work with. How well the department handles events and procedures can significantly impact any company’s ability to compete with other companies.
Assignment Deliverables
For your main post in this Discussion Board, discuss your impressions of how a modern IT department delivers IS services. There are no wrong answers here, and you are free to speculate and even guess about how this works. Inform your writing with what you learned from this unit’s learning activities. Include your personal experiences, either from working in an IT department or from working with one. What IS services did you utilize? How did that go? Were there any issues that had to be corrected, and how did that go? Could anything have been done better, either on your part or on theirs? You are free to speculate on what might have gone wrong and how that might have been addressed.
When replying to your fellow students, look for ways to relate your experiences with those of other students in working in or with IT departments. How was your experience similar or different? If you worked in an IT department and had to handle a situation another student has brought up in the DB, how might you handle it differently?

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Introduction to Information Systems
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