Introduction to Information Systems Unit 1

You work for a hospital in the registration and admissions department, and most of your tasks are performed manually. For example, when an individual checks in, you must obtain personal information, details on an individual’s medical background, and hospitalization insurance. You are a strong advocate for information technology and have proposed to IT management that additional information systems would be beneficial. The hospital has decided to develop and implement a system that helps to streamline your processes. Since you have extended personal experience with the processes, and you have considerable knowledge of information systems and technology employed by your counterparts at other hospitals, you have been asked to function as the project business analyst. You will work very closely with the IT department’s system analyst. The system analyst has questions regarding the following:

What specifically do you do to complete your tasks?
What are your thoughts about how technology might improve your processes?
What are the challenges and obstacles that would be overcome with the use of an information system?
What are your thoughts about the type of information system that might be employed at your hospital?
Based on your understanding, what components would be required to implement the information system? For example, would you need any special hardware or software?

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Introduction to Information Systems Unit 1
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In a 4-5-page Word document, be sure to include the following:

Summarized list of tasks, or processes, to register and to check in a patient.
Benefits of using an information system in support of your day-to-day tasks.
Specifics regarding how the information system would help to overcome the present challenges and obstacles.
The specific type of information system you recommend (support your recommendation).
An outline of all components you see as necessary to implement your recommended information system.
Explain how the new information system would help your organization to reduce the overall cost of health care and to improve the profitability of your hospital. 

Make sure your paper is written in the APA style. Include a cover page and reference page, neither count towards the page length requirement. You should back up your opinions and assertions with authoritative sources, which must be attributed.


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