Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence, and Abuse

Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence, and AbuseThis week, you will learn how to assess, identify, and intervene in situations related to intimate partner violence (IPV), domestic violence, and abuse. These types of violence impact people from all socio-economic backgrounds, all racial and ethnic groups, and members of both heterosexual and same-sex relationships. Domestic violence can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and stalking.IPV, domestic violence, and abuse are prevalent in the lives of women and men in the United States and across the globe. More than 4.2 million intimate-partner-related physical assaults, rapes, and stalking incidents are perpetrated against women annually and 3.2 million physical assaults, rapes, and stalking incidents are perpetrated annually against men in the United States (Black et al., 2011).The assigned readings will also discuss various scenarios of domestic violence and partner abuse. It is important that you, as an MFT, know how to recognize and intervene in these situations as well as how your role as a mental health provider intersects with your legal responsibility as a mandated reporter.Your client is a 30-year-old female of African-American descent who attends therapy on her own. She is court-mandated to attend therapy based on a domestic violence incident where her 7-year-old daughter was accidentally injured by a flying object that her partner threw at the client during a fight. The child suffered a head injury and started bleeding. The mother then called 911. Child protective services were notified; then, they conducted an investigation, removed the child from the home, and placed her in foster care. As a result, the mother was ordered to attend therapy and develop further insight about the past a concise paper explain the following:In terms of your assessment strategy, what questions will you ask, and what will you try to elucidate with your assessment strategy?Were you able to detect a domestic violence incident? If yes, what would be your response as a therapist?What will be important for you to consider related to the client’s unique social locations (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, disability status) in order to provide culturally-competent and effective treatment services?What interventions will you apply in working with the client?

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Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence, and Abuse
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