Interview a Clinician Working with Families in Crisis

InstructionsAfter reviewing the materials for this week, interview a clinician in your community (e.g., MFT, Psychologist) who works with families in crisis, preferably in an area of particular interest to you. Be sure to ask the clinician the questions below in order to address them in your paper:Could you describe what you consider to be some of the most challenging aspects of working with individuals and families who are in crisis? How do you manage and deal with those challenges?How do you manage risks related to suicide and self-harm in your work with individuals and families in crisis?How do you respond to indicators and reports of intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and sexual violence in your work with individuals and families in crisis?What role do you believe self-care has in working with individuals and families in crisis? Could you describe some of your preferred methods of self-care and/or techniques for managing the impact of secondary traumatization?Any additional relevant questions of interest to you may also be asked of the provider.After interviewing the provider, write a paper that addresses what you learned from the interview related to the content areas outlined above. Also, include a reflection on how what the clinician shared during the interview either fits or does not fit with the information you have learned in this course so far.

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Interview a Clinician Working with Families in Crisis
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