Select and visit three MNCs company websites of your choice (example of McDonald’s ), and review their approach to employer branding.  Conduct research to gather information to address the following questions:
Of the three, identify one that is exemplary (i.e., makes you want to apply) and one that requires improvement (i.e., makes you question whether you would want to work there).  What were your reasons for making these choices?
How does your research of these websites relate to the YouTube video?
How have these companies incorporated social media to support their branding?
Select and visit two new MNCs company websites of your choice (different from those listed above) and review their approach to online recruiting.  Conduct research to gather information to address the following questions:
What best practises are being used? 
What is being done (if anything) to recruit a more diverse workforce?
Select and visit two additional websites that would be classified as internet job boards, executive search firms, or online networking sites.  Conduct research to gather information to address the following questions:
What type of external recruitment method is being used on these websites?  What is the reason for your classification? 
What is the usefulness of this type of website to potential candidates?
You are to gather the information and write a formal business report containing a site-by-site summary of the trip.  The itinerary will identify the sites visited and topics covered. 
Your report must be concise (6 pages double spaced in 12-point font, excluding cover page and references pages).
It must be well-written, but in lay terms so that anyone can fully understand your reasoning, include text citation, introduction that clearly outlines the purpose and flow of the essay, and a strong conclusion.
You must also provide a properly cited reference page at the end of the document (including all websites visited). 

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