International Human Resource Exploration

During this lesson, we have looked at many issues and parts of international human resource management. When an expatriate assignment ends, the worker is often relocated back to their home country. The process of adjustment back to their home country can be just as hard as adapting to a foreign country. During this exploration, you are going to take a look at some of the major issues of repatriation. The U.S. State Department ( has a wonderful guide that explores all the issues of some of the returning expatriates and the process of repatriation. One of the biggest issues many face during repatriation is reverse culture shock. First, you should check out their Reverse Culture Shock guide ( to see some of the common problems.
Then, in a 1–2 page paper, write your reaction to this lesson. Consider the problems expatriates face, the statistics you saw on the current world of expatriates in the HSBC report ( and the issues of repatriation. This assignment will be graded on whether there is evidence in your paper that you consider the lesson material and how you think critically about the issues.
international business

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International Human Resource Exploration
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