International Business- Article Review

You are asked to review the below academic article by completing the journal article review template provided. You are not allowed to edit the questions in the template or create your own. Your submission will not be assessed unless the correct template is used.
Note: on all written assessments, a +/-10% margin from the word limit is allowed. However, a deduction of 1% will be made from the final mark for each 1% beyond the 10 % margin. So, for a 500 word-limit assessment, no penalties are incurred up to 550 words. However, every 1% beyond the 550 words will incur a 1% deduction in marks.
Article: Mishra, P & Schmidt, G B 2018, ‘How can leaders of multinational organizations be ethical by contributing to corporate social responsibility initiatives? Guidelines and pitfalls for leaders trying to do good’, Business Horizons, vol. 61, iss. 6, 833-843.
Your review should:
• identify the key concepts and theories related to your chosen article;
• demonstrate a grasp of the author’s main arguments in the article;
• discuss the practical implications of the reading; you should consider why the topic of the article is interesting and important for managers of multinational enterprises in the contemporary global business world and how the understanding of the article would benefit the managers; and
• present these by using an effective academic writing style.
Some tips for this assessment
• When reviewing an academic article, it is critical to focus on what the authors are arguing rather than simply the subject that they are talking about.
• Use your own words and avoid direct quotations as quotations do not explain your thinking or judgements. Summarising in your own words and paraphrasing are essential skills for academic writing. To summarise means to reduce a text to its main points and its most important ideas. Paraphrasing means putting it into your own words.
The criteria against which the assessment will be graded are:
• evidence of critical reading and understanding of the article;
• reflection on the practical implications of the article for managers the multinational enterprises; and
• presentation which includes a clear writing style, good grammar and spelling and appropriate referencing (This course uses the Harvard (or RMIT-Harvard) citation method unless otherwise stated (see: for more information the referencing style).

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International Business- Article Review
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