Internal Environmental Analysis

Write a 950-word minimum internal environmental analysis for Hawaii Telecom in which you include the following: 

  • Assess the organization’s internal environment.
  • Identify the most important strengths and weaknesses of your organization including an assessment of the organization’s resources.
  • Identify important internal environmental factors found in your analysis of the general, industry, and external environments.
  • Perform a competitor analysis. This means you want to find out what your competitor’s are doing so you need to research them, look at their websites, any industry articles about the competitors, etc.
  • Assess the structure of the organization and the influence this has on its performance.
  • Determine the organization’s competitive position and the possibilities this provides. Be sure to identify how they stack up to competitors (top 10%, bottom 50%, or #1, #2, etc.). HINT: If they are already the top in their industry, there is limited justification for a new strategy, so hopefully they are near the bottom!) It is okay to suggest copying a strategy of a competitor that is doing better than your organization.

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Internal Environmental Analysis
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