PDF submission required. Review course Writing Tips before you get started. 

Instructions. Respond to each of the following essay style prompts. For each question, you should include an introduction paragraph that states the purpose of the assignment and outlines the course concepts you will address in your response. Students should address each issue outlined in the question and incorporate ideas learned in class AND through the readings. In text citations should be used to indicate the resources you use to support your ideas (versus strictly providing your own opinion). Be sure to include a closing paragraph for each question. 

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Note: You should organize your responses before you start writing. Read each question carefully and think about how best to answer the question based on your knowledge of the course material. You should integrate examples and connections to course material. 


#1) Summarize the historical view of child witnesses including how perceptions have changed over the years to result in the current perspective.  To earn full points, you must a) describe the current view of child witnesses and b) tell your reader what we learned from the mishandling of past child sexual abuse investigations. (Note: You should use Brainerd & Reyna, 2012

Actions  to supplement the course lecture to answer this question. I also expect you’ll support your response using the first two chapters of the textbook.)

#2) Explain the Courts’ reasoning for excluding hearsay statements by default and tell me why hearsay exceptions exist.  Next, choose one of the hearsay exceptions discussed in class and briefly explain the specific rational for this exception. Finally, describe the necessary requirements statements must meet to be considered eligible for the hearsay exception you chose. (Note: You should reference Myers, 2011 when addressing this question. I also expect you’ll support your response using the first two chapters of the textbook.)

Writing Requirements

  • Please note your paper must be written in APA style**.  A cover page and abstract are not required but you should cite sources appropriately throughout your paper to support your ideas. You must include a single, APA style reference page (you should include references used for both prompts). Points will be deducted from papers that do not include APA style in-text citations and/or a references list. I strongly encourage you to review the APA style manual if you have any questions about APA style including how to format in-text citations and references list. 
  • As noted in the Writing Tips — direct quotes are not allowed!
  • Writing takes effort.  I realize students will vary in their writing style and skill set.  I ask that each of you work hard to turn in written responses that reflect your best effort and shows me your true writing ability.  Points will be deducted for informal and/or poor writing.  Consider the following writing tips before you begin (and again once you are ready to submit).  
  • **Some of our readings are from an edited book. These readings will be formatted differently than an academic article or textbook written by a single author or group of authors. Please be sure to cite and reference the text readings appropriately.  


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