Name of Person Interviewed: Nicholas Liacone

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Title: Assistant Property Manager

Employer: Golub and Company

Educational/Training Institutions Attended: Loyal University of Chicago

Major/Program: Information Systems, Accounting, Finance

1. Describe the main responsibilities of your position.

I am primarily responsible for the collection of monies from all residents and tenants. Overseeing the entire business operation and ensuring it runs smoothly. Monitor maintenance and Security teams to ensure that the building is running as efficiently as possible. Pay all bills promptly and ensure payment is received to ensure late charges are not assessed. Decide on capital projects and how they will benefit the property and value to ownership. Lastly, understanding the submarket that we are in, why occupancy or traffic may dip from week to week.

2. What is most satisfying about your job, and why?

Every day is a different day. No day is similar to the next. There is always a new problem to be solved. I found a career path where I can utilize my financial skills and still have interactions with residents.

3. What is least satisfying about your job and why?

I always need to be accessible by phone in case of an emergency in the building. Sometimes I get woken up multiple times a night to be notified of issues in the building and how we want to react to said issues.

4. How did you decide to get into this field?

I had connections in the field, and they thought I would be a great fit.

5. Tell me about the training and education that you’ve had? Has this helped you in this field, if not, what has?

About two years ago, I finished my undergrad degree from Loyola University of Chicago. I majored in Business with an emphasis in Finance and Accounting and a minor in Information Systems

6. What recommendations do you have for someone wanting to enter or progress in this field?

Understand what all goes into the job. Most people come and think they are ready and then end up leaving in a few months because it wasn’t what they expected. Take a leasing license course that is required to lease apartments.

7. What skills and personal qualities are important for success in your field?

Analytical skills are very important; you are dealing with budgets and numbers for a large portion of the day. You also have to be able to have conversations with residents and be able to think quickly of resolutions to problems.

8. What do you do during a typical workday?

Handle resident complaints, monitor financials, collect rent, manage other issues in the building. Help current residents with whatever they need.

9. What are the opportunities for promotion or advancement?

Opportunities for promotions and advancement are very likely. As long as you are strong in your current duties, they do not have an issue of promoting.

10. Is this field expanding and/or developing into new directions? Please explain how.

New high-rises in Chicago are going up all around the city. There is a constant need for new amenities in all buildings, new or old. I want to move on from a new construction property to a renovation project.

11. What professional organizations or industry associations should someone consider joining to obtain additional information about this field?

I would look into the Chicago Apartment Associations; they host events and classes about the industry.


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