Information systems brief 1-2 pages paper

Write a brief 1-2 pages paper with a description of your ideas. APA Format. Cite your sources (min 3 credible sources). This idea is going to launch this week’s discussion topic.  You have been asked to add visual images. Ask three questions at the end for the other person to respond.
Questions of the week – Consider the Pandemic as well.
1. Information systems and ethics.
2. Information systems and social media 
3. SWOT analysis
Watch the video before answering question 4 
4. Now…think about how the pandemic will affect your company? your product extension? 

Attached files: 
discussion 9 (2): paper example
Signature Assignment: just for question 4,  we developed an electric car for Apple. You can browse through what we’ve written and talk about how the pandemic will affect it. 
swot information

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Information systems brief 1-2 pages paper
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