Information Security Governance

Information Security Governance (3 paragraph)
Based on your research of relevant scholarly and practitioner literature for both a theoretical examination of information security management and a practical application of that theory, discuss your assessment of the information presented, based on its scholarly contribution to the field and its effect on strategic decision making for IT management professionals.
Include at least two scholarly, academic resources to support your post. Cite your resources using current APA style and format.
Response Guidelines
Review the responses of other learners and respond to one main post by sharing the insights you gained from their posts and additional questions they raised.
From the information presented in the post, indicate how it is helping you critically evaluate this topic:

What insights have you gained?
What questions were raised?

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Information Security Governance
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In addition, consider sharing opportunities for further research in this area and how that research could contribute to the field. Read and respond by providing comments and questions that encourage critical thinking and insight. Your response should extend the discussion and stimulate other learners to clarify, strengthen, and extend their dialogue.


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