Informatics in Practice • Think about workflow related to your focus area. Whose workflow would be important to consider when designing and implementing informatics solutions? • Visit the AHRQ Health IT tools on workflow, choose a tool and discuss how it would be used to evaluate/plan/design workflow implications to resolve an informatics challenge in your focus area. • Think about human factors and your focus area. Identify areas where humans are challenged. Where does human performance suffer? Or, where do humans get frustrated by a technology or process? How could human factors be used to improve the design of technologies and informatics tools to better support humans in your focus area. • Throughout your post, be sure to demonstrate your understanding and synthesis of readings and activities from Weeks 1-6 of the course (cite course readings, integrate explanations of concepts/theories into your description of informatics in your focus area). You should expand on the topics in the prompts where appropriate to include other concepts (e.g., technology acceptance model, usability guidelines, user-centered design processes) from Week 6, particularly. • Include at least one additional informatics-focused reference outside of those required for class readings in your post. • You should also consider including any multimedia (images, figures, videos) that help to describe informatics in your focus ! FOCUS AREA IS PEDIATRIC OBESITY! 

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