Industrial and Hazard Waste Management

Considering the work experiences you have had, would you consider the companies you worked for as reactive or proactive with respect to business strategy? If a company you worked for (or currently work for) dealt with industrial waste, would you consider the company proactive or reactive? Discuss your explanation.
Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”
The company I used to work for which was a small shipyard repair located in Norfolk, VA just off the Elizabeth river would be what I call a reactive vise proactive when it comes to business strategies.  The reason being is that the attitudes of the management both upper and middle were “We been doing this for 85 years and it works for us why change.”  However, now they are seeing how other competitors are doing business and changing which results in them getting bigger contracts and more business than them.
When I use to work there, they had a full-time Environmentalist which I felt was just there for a paycheck and was reactive, not proactive.  The reason I came to this conclusion is that when vessels needed to be repaired, some would get painted which they had to be sandblasted first.  The blast shot that was used on the vessels was called “Black Beauty” and when this process was being done, there were be blast shot all over the rails or dry dock which some enter into the Elizabeth river waterways.  I would think the environmentalist would find a better way to capture this blast shot but he would state “It is not bad and most will dissolve in the water.  I felt that was so wrong and what kind of damage is that doing to the environment especially the aquatic lifeforms.  
I do not work for that company anymore but my time there made me see things differently now that I am not there anymore.  I spoke about all of this but was treated as if I did not know what I was talking about.  I still continue to mention it time and time again and not sure if they have changed how their process is now but if they do not, the liability will fall on them if they ever go out of business.  So in my opinion this business I used to work for was more reactivate on both safety and environmental business strategies.

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Industrial and Hazard Waste Management
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