Identity Models

 A first-year college student is talking to a counselor in the Center for Student Services. She has been talking about some of the difficulties of adjusting to college life. She comes from a small town and is attending a large state university. She speaks openly and seems to be in good spirits; she even smiles at times: “My new friends seem so much worldlier and confident than me. Most of them have traveled out of the country, have the latest greatest smartphones and computers, and act like college is no big deal. I mean, I am the first one in my family to go to college and sometimes I feel like I landed on the moon! This IS a big deal for me, plus I don’t want to let my family down. I think with a little help I can figure it out, but right now I just feel like the only one who doesn’t have it figured out yet—like I am playing catch-up.”  

In your Unit 8 assignment, you expanded on a case study from your exercise manual and researched some articles to support your ideas. Use the same case study and articles to answer the following:

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Identity Models
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Identify one of the articles used to support your discussion of the client’s identity.
Summarize the main points of the identity model presented in the article.
Describe how you related the identity model to the client.
Explain which aspects of the identity model you find the most useful or insightful for understanding clients.
Explain what aspects of the identity model you find the most challenging to understand.

Cite your article using current APA style and formatting.


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