Identifying the patterns within the selected group

Please see the attached documents answer what is high lighted in yellow.For example, Creswell (2013) identifies several important steps in conducting ethnographic research:1. Selecting the cultural themes or problems to be studied in the group2. Identifying the patterns within the selected group3. Selecting an appropriate type of ethnography to utilize4. Identifying a cultural group of interest         Does the Wang (2013) study seem to demonstrate that these steps were taken? This is important, because it is difficult to judge the merits of the Wang (2013) study if you only compare the study methods to the author’s own discussion of what is important/essential for ethnographic research.  The author is unlikely to point out if the study is missing essential elements or has large weaknesses – this is what your paper should do. Analyze the essential elements as identified in the other Activity readings and review Wang’s study (2013) in light of those elements. Based on the elements of ethnography identified in our assigned readings, did Wang’s (2013) article suggest that her study included these elements? What is your evaluation of how well the Wang (2013) study addressed these elements and other elements from the assignment readings?   

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Identifying the patterns within the selected group
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