Identifying as a African American woman the highest educated group in American

An annotated works cited (also called an “annotated bibliography”) is a list of your sources in which you summarize, assess, and reflect on each of the sources you plan to use for your paper.  This process is useful during research paper writing so that your reader can gain an understanding of your evaluation of a source, as well as why this source was useful to your research essay.  You can read more details about each of these sections by clicking HERE (Links to an external site.).   And you can find a sample annotated works cited HERE (Links to an external site.).Create an annotated works cited using one of the sources that you might use for Essay #3.  You should provide proper MLA citations of each source you plan to use as well.  You can read more about the format by clicking HERE (Links to an external site.).   You must write 75 words minimum for each section:1. Summary – What the source says.  This is similar to our “observations” of a work of art.  Just what the work says, not what you think of it yet.2. Assessment – Your evaluation of the source.  Is it a reliable source?  How do you know?  What are the good and bad things about the quality of this source?3. Reflection – How you plan to use the source in your essay.  What is this evidence going to help you do in your essay?  How is it useful?  Does this source help prove your points or does it provide additional context?This means that you will have a total minimum of 225 words written for the entire annotation. Here is the sample we made together in class for you to look at: Sample Annotated Works Cited.docxActions

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Identifying as a African American woman the highest educated group in American
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