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Course Project Part 1
This week, you will be expected to identify a topic and create a framework for your Course Project. By now, you have consumed a vast amount of information and it may be difficult to delineate a specific topic area. In order to pick a topic, consider developing a research question. You have selected a geographic location to study. You have also considered the health statistics, demographics, and policies that may impact the area. Now, you are expected to delineate a topic area.
For example, you might ask, what types of services are provided for diabetic patients in Oklahoma? What are the policies related to diabetes (PLWD) care in Oklahoma? What are some of the social determinants of health that may impact the risk of diabetes or diabetes management? What are preventive methods? What have leaders in Oklahoma done to assure prevention and management of diabetes?
You might also ask, how will the implementation of the Affordable Care Act impact pregnant women in my state. Narrowing down your topic area to a specific policy and target population will enable you to focus your research and in writing your assignment. It is critical that you understand the purpose and intent of the policy as well as study your target population and the policies of the state or community you chose. It will also be important for you to understand what advocacy and community organizations are doing in your state in support or against the implementation of the policy.
Read the following case study from your textbook:

Case 7: Challenges with Implementing a      Community-Based Potable Water System Project in a Rural Honduran Community

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Then, accomplish the following tasks to complete this assignment:

Choose a health topic or issue that significantly or      adversely impacts the target population in the geographic region or      location you have chosen. Describe why the health topic or issue is      important to consider.
Research health policies, programs, resources, and      all other related materials, such as news articles, press releases, etc.,      that may provide relevant information on the topic.
Summarize your findings and create an outline for      your Course Project in the following format:

On the first page, provide background information       on your selected target population and region.
Then, provide demographic information as well as       major health issues in your chosen area.
On the following pages, highlight the topic areas       of your paper in an outline format.
On a separate page, cite all sources using the APA       format.

Public Health


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