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In two to three paragraphs, answer and describe the below:

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Using your professional mind, what do you think is happening to create the problem?
Contexts in which the problem is exhibited.
How do the systems (family, work, classroom, etc.) influence the maintenance or elimination of the problem?

In two to three paragraphs, please describe how at least one addiction theory assists you with understanding this situation.

(i.e: How does Michael White and David Epston Narrative theory play a role in how X perceives these circumstances?)

In two to three paragraphs, please describe what type of counseling intervention may help this client.

In other words, what does the client need (i.e. new coping skills) in order to improve their emotional, psychological, cognitive and/or social, functioning?
What does the client need to work through and overcome their addiction?
Use resources that justify this explanation.

Requirements: 2-3 paragraphs


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