Humanties (Your Hero’s Journey)

In need of some help with this assignment. Here is a rundown of what the assignment requires.  
a hero’s journey in narrative form. Include each component:
Call to adventure:
Where is the hero going and why are they going there? (1 well-developed paragraph)
Challenges and temptations
How does the hero overcome these? Are the gods called upon, is a technology used, or does the hero have superpowers? Remember in the hero’s journey, you can be super creative. (these occur throughout the story. Avoid putting them all into one paragraph)
What causes a dramatic change in the hero? (1 well-developed paragraph)
In what ways does the hero change or transform? (1 well-developed paragraph)
How does the hero confront the story’s revelation? (1 well-developed paragraph)
How is the hero victorious? (1 well-developed paragraph)
the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ the hero captures our hearts and imaginations. Think about why we want and need heroes and hero figures. Do we expect those we do make into heroes (celebrities, sports figures, etc.) to be superhuman and exempt from the types of challenges and temptations we face?
on how you might develop this into a longer story and the ways your hero’s journey can impact or inspire the lives of others. (1 or more well-developed paragraphs)

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Humanties (Your Hero’s Journey)
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