Please remember, we will have class on Friday, February 14th. Should be a great discussion! 

For this assignment please read the online articles found below and answer the questions related to the articles.

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Abstinence pledges suck.doc   (viewer discretion advised)   link to article (also caution with this one! )

Male sweat relaxes women.doc

What you cannot do as a couple.doc

1. Would you agree with the argument put forth in the Abstinence pledges suck article?

2. Do you think sexually education is something that should be taught in the public or private sphere?

3. Why would male sweat relax women?  Do you agree with this historical argument?

4. Was the article, What you cannot do as a couple an accurate depiction of real relationships?  Or, is this just a depressing take on something that should be viewed more as a sacred, beautiful bond?


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