Human Resoure PP

For this assignment, imagine you will be presenting at a  conference for an   audience of newly hired human resource professionals. You are  to share your   knowledge about how to evaluate the effectiveness of different  recruiting and   employee selection methods by applying human resource management  (HRM)   principles. 

In your introduction, include one type of position you  would like to hire   for and the KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities) required  for that  position.  

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Human Resoure PP
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Include examples of methods used in recruitment efforts  that foster   diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Consider the diverse  cultures and   social practices that surround your specific local or regional  community. 

Include an explanation of steps used in the employee  selection process.   

Use speaker notes to explain the content (in detail) for  each of the   slides, and support your presentation with at least two references.  One   reference may be your textbook. 

Include a minimum of one graphic or image that relates to  the content. 

Your  PowerPoint presentation must be at least five slides in length, not  counting  the title  or reference slides. Adhere  to APA style when constructing  this  assignment, including in-text citations and  references for all sources  that are  used. 


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