Human Computer User and Usability

A Usability Evaluation examines the way users interact with products and services in order to achieve a goal. Often times, there are measures that are tied to those goals that are quantified. Academic literature has a robust catalog of research on studies that examine various perspectives that explore user attitudes and experiences. Such attitudes and experiences include:

Ease of Use
Error Handling

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Human Computer User and Usability
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Remember, usability is not one-dimensional. It is a complex system of properties. That integrates many factors. It is subjective from user to user.For this assignment, you are asked to explore one of these topics. You are to conduct an analytical research review of the assigned usability category/dimension above.You should evaluate a single variable in the context of the usability evaluation study cycle. Your paper will include the following:

Title Page
What is a Usability Study
How does a usability study include the term you’ve selected (e.g. satisfaction)
Literature Review of Term (e.g. detailed review of satisfaction and the various measures)
Future Research Topics To Consider


Must provide a minimum of seven scholarly sources that analyze the term and its meaning
The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages. This does not include the cover page, abstract, or citations. You must use APA format throughout the entire paper.


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