1. In the watch folder, listen to the podcasts with Rachel Hollis and Andy Stanley.  Make sure to take notes either while listening or after you listen.
2. In the Discussion Forum make an initial post that includes your notes and takeaways from the podcasts.  I then also want you to talk about the things that you believe you need to start doing, stop doing and continue doing in order to build the momentum and an unstoppable team.
 3. I want each of you to have 2 responses.  In one response, ask the person your responding to the question why?  Be specific about what it is and why your questioning that.  The reason I want this is so that each of us will have to explain further and/or think more about whatever it is that is being questioned.  For the second response give encouragement to someone about something they are doing, said they want to do, or said they need to stop doing and tell them why you believe this is a good thing!

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