HRM 324 Final Exam/HRM 324 Final Exams /HRM 324 Final Exams /HRM 324 Final Exams

1) These are the four core characteristics of the job characteristics theory.
feedback, task variety, skill-variety, autonomy
knowledge, skill identity, autonomy, feedback
skill variety, task identity, autonomy, feedback
skill identity, autonomy, task variety, feedback
2) Passage of this Act requires compensation professionals to demonstrate that alleged discriminatory pay practices are a business necessity.
Civil Rights Act of 1991
Equal Pay Act of 1938
Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
Davis-Bacon Act of 1931
3) Which pay plan generally rewards employees for acquiring job-related competencies, knowledge, or skills rather than for demonstrating successful job performance?
4) This is the systematic process for recognizing differences in the relative worth among a set of jobs and for establishing pay differentials accordingly.
job analysis
job content
job evaluation
5) Which of the following are typically included in a job description?
job specification, job title, job summary
job summary, job salary, job specification
job title, job salary, job summary
job salary, job title, job specification

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