How would you explain CBT and DBT to a client? Choose a diagnosis and describe your a

The learning objective We use Psychotherapy for the advanced practice psychiatric nurse by Kathleen Wheeler Overview:Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the focus this week. CBT is the most widely researched therapeutic modality and is popular among therapists since it can be applied to many behavioral health diagnoses. It is structured, reality-based, and time-limited. Modifications of CBT include Trauma-Focused CBT, Schema Therapy. And Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is considered a CBT, but it is applied to particular populations such as borderline personalities or those with self-harm behaviors.The common thread is that these approaches seek to transform maladaptive thoughts into adaptive thinking patterns. CBT aims to stop illogical assumptions from arising and, if they do, to train the patient to recognize that the thoughts are false, thereby creating a stronger sense of self and appropriate behavioral reactions.Learning Objectives:At the end of this week, Students will be able to:Identify guiding principles for CBT/DBTIdentify the cognitive techniques used in CBT/DBTDescribe the principles and uses of DBTExplain acceptance & Commitment therapyThis discussion should be assigned to someone with mental health knowledge please.

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How would you explain CBT and DBT to a client? Choose a diagnosis and describe your a
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