How Blockchain Technology Can Benefit Marketing

Read the attached PDF article entitled, “How Blockchain Technology Can Benefit Marketing: Six Pending Areas Research Areas”.
The six pending research areas mentioned in the article are:
1) Fosters disintermediation

2) Aids in combatting click fraud
3) Reinforces trust and transparency
4) Enables enhanced privacy protection
4) empowers security
6) Enables creative loyalty programs.
After reading the article in full, select one of the mentioned six areas of research and write an article reflection minimum of 6-8 page paper identifying the following;
1) Describe and provide the overall research area mentioned in the article in a synopsis
2) What did the article state in how Blockchain can benefit that marketing area overall?
3) What further research did the article recommend?
4) What do you think can be the approach to further research the topic? What approach would you recommend to take and what type of research method would make sense?
5) Pick any industry between retail, tourism, or restaurant, what is an example of 2 companies in that industry that you believe would benefit from this type of research, and why?
Paper must be 12Pt. Font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, with title page and reference page. Minimum of 3 references, to include the article required. The title page and references page do NOT count towards the minimum.
This is due by the end of the day Saturday during residency

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How Blockchain Technology Can Benefit Marketing
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