choose one company from the list of four (NFLX; SBUX; WYN; RLH) and complete the questions below: (note: if you did a case on it, you cannot select it)

Alibaba (BABA)
Dunkin (DNKN)
Wyndam Worldwide Corp (WYN)
Red Lyon Corp (RLH)

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 One    30 points
Critique the mission and vision statements of this company using the tools and techniques presented in this class.  Conversely, if they do not have either of these, suggest a sample mission and sample vision statement for this company and then critique each. 

Two    40 points
Create a brief problem statement for this company.  Next, conduct a brief SWOT analysis (3 in each of the 4 sections of SWOT). Based on your analysis suggest three strategies they could pursue to more firmly establish their competitive position.  

 Three   30 points
If you were a strategic consultant presenting the above analysis to the company, what advice would you offer? 



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