horizontal letter

Write a Horizontal Letter to another manager. In this letter, you will assume the role of a manager in the same company. You are both on the same level.

Group Letter Guidelines 

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horizontal letter
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Be thorough in your letters-Include details but keep the content simple (No need to complicate this assignment)

Be vigilant with spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.
Each letter should be no less than 300 words total, which includes all parts of your letter.

Times New Roman, 12 point font or any other professionally utilized font style and size (Your group decision)

The letters should follow either the block, simplified, or the modified block formats (See pages 566 – 568)–This decision is up to your group, you can also change it up and use different formats for each.

You can use letter templates from WORD or the internet or something you create, with logos, if you feel extra creative (Your group decision)
Eliminate This, There, It, That, and Their from your submissions (There should be no more than 2 total in each letter submission or points will be deducted)


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