You need to conduct an hour of observation of a public place. We’ve heard people “do gender”, but do we also “do race”? Are people more comfortable with others like themselves? Social distance?
Suggestions: campus center or student union, the gym, class, or any busy place. Students should take detailed field notes of the behavior of those around them with particular attention to people of difference races and ethnicities and if they tend to be with people of the same or different races and ethnicities. Also, do these races and ethnicities “do” different things?
Next, write about your findings while answering the following questions:
• Who did you observe? 
• What was the setting? 
• What did you find? How did you see people “doing race”? Were they practicing social distance, only being with people like themselves?
*Do you think there are locations that are more diverse than others? If so, where? Why?  I will need it done in APA format of 250 words due on the 04/1/2021.

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