For the Usability Journal assignment, you are to write three (3) journal entries.

Each entry shall be approximately 250 words or 1 Pages. (Total 750 Words).
Each entry shall focus on an object that contains a bad usability design.
Explain why the object being described does not maintain good usability practices.
The deliverable shall include citable examples of best practices from academic literature explaining why the product/object does not follow best practices.

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A remote control.

What about the remote control makes the device both a good and bad example for the usability perspective?
Each deliverable will contain:
Each entry shall be approximately 250 words or 1 Pages. (Total 750 Words).
APA citation with examples from scholars explaining best practices that should be followed
An example image of the bad design practice followed
An example of good potential practices to follow

Total 3 Pages That’s excluding Cover Page and Reference page


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