History writing

Women, Work, and Family 1950-2000
HIST 2020 Capstone Primary Source Esay
writing topic
Drawing specific examples from the D2L reading “Organizing Their Lives: Women, Work, and Family, 1950-2000,” write a five (5) to seven (7) page writing explaining how second wave feminism affected American views on women in the workforce and reflecting on the effects of the women’s movement in contemporary society.
Central Historical Question: How did the second wave feminist movement affect American views on women in the workforce?
Begin by considering and explaining the historical context in which second wave feminism emerged. You may wish to consider all assigned readings and lectures regarding the role of women since the 1950s. Then analyze the documents and explain how they illustrate the influence of feminism (or not) on the debate about women in the workforce. Include in your discussion how the documents provide evidence (or not) of change over time in attitudes toward women. Use evidence from the textbook, assigned primary source readings from the last 5-week block, and the primary sources given from the “Organizing Our Lives” chapter. Outside research is not necessary nor welcomed on this assignment. 
Reflection: After considering the primary source documents from 1950-2000, reflect on how the second wave feminist movement shaped your own life experiences, opportunities, or freedoms. 
Lastly, briefly reflect on how the women’s movement has reshaped and impacted the lives of individuals (yourself included). For example, think about how your life experience and opportunities—are they improved by the women’s movement? Altered? Impaired? In your final paragraph, situate yourself as a beneficiary (or not) of the second wave feminist movement. Note: This portion should be no more than a full paragraph; any more than that will not graded as part of your overall page length requirement. In addition, failure to meet the page length requirement will result in a 10 point deduction from grade. 
To prepare for this assignment, carefully read Brown and Shannon, Going to the Source, vol. 2 CAPSTONE: Organizing Their Lives: Women, Work, and Family, 1950– 2000. Posted on D2L. If you need additional sources, use the resources listed under “To Find Out More” at the end of the chapter.  IMPORTANT: You may not use any other outside sources except those specifically listed in the chapter. You need to consider all of the sources provided to you—synthesize and use citations accordingly.
In short your esay should do three things:

Use at minimum 10 of the available primary sources to respond to the prompt.
Consider how the documents provide evidence of this change over time.
Brief conclusion: reflect on how the women’s movement has shaped American life including your own.

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wriying Format

double spaced
12 pt Times New Roman Font
1 inch margins
footnotes/endnotes in Chicago Style
bibliography (not included in page count)

Review the rubric before submitting.


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