History of Medicine with Elements of Philosophy

This is an end of term essay for a module called History of Medicine with elements of philosophy in a medicine course in which ONE topic from the following list of topics must be chosen and an essay of 5 pages is to be written about the chosen topic. Please choose a topic in which you feel you will write best, and find the most information on. List of topics: 1. Medicine of ancient civilizations. Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece. 2. Arab Medicine in the Middle Ages. 3.Paracelsus vs. Galen 4. Medicine and healthcare in the Middle Ages. Medicine and universities. 5. Surgery and medicine until the 18th century. 6. Modern medicine (16th–18th century) 7. Development of clinical medicine. 8. The beginnings of anesthesia. 9. First steps in antisepsis and asepsis. 10. Revolutionary drugs (19th–20th century). As for the source of information for your chosen topic essay, you may use any reliable source you find yourself (make sure to reference this source at the end) and you may also choose the following literature to reference from: Available on the Internet (please search): 1. Medycyna polska. Polish Medicine, Bydgoszcz 2018 2. The Cambridge lllustrated History of Medicine, Cambridge 1996 3. History of medicine (In Britannica) And off the Internet:1. Pharmacy through the ages, Parma 1987 For these and any other source used that is not from the above suggestions, please make sure to REFERENCE the source used at the end of the essay and list all references.

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History of Medicine with Elements of Philosophy
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