1. Chapter 18: Answer the “Doing History” questions on page 831 based on your reading of the set of visual sources called “The Scramble for Africa” (pages 825-831).

 After reading the sections of chapter 18 called “A Second Wave of European Conquests” and “Under European Rule” (pages 793-801) in the Strayer and Nelson textbook, please comment on the following questions. As always, your comments should be written in grammatically correct sentences. They should take to the time to explain your thinking and include some quotes and/or examples from the textbook as support. Here are the questions: In what different ways was colonial rule established in various parts of Africa and Asia? Why might subject people choose to cooperate with the colonial regime? What might prompt them to violent rebellion or resistance? What was distinctive about the European colonial empires of the nineteenth century? Note that you will not be able to see other students’ posts until you have posted your initial comment. 

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