1) Due, 2/15/2020, by 11:55pm via Canvas

2) Must be 2-3 pages, double-spaced. (2-3 pages = 500-750 words—which means NOT one and a half pages)

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4) There are many ways, but the easiest is parenthetical citing the author and the page. For example: (Burkholder, p. 119)

5) For this paper, you should use the readings and your lecture notes for the information.

6) Do not plagiarize (copy another person’s work, copy from the book without quotation marks). If you do this, you will fail this assignment, and maybe the class. (the easier way, which causes less trouble, would be to just ask for my help!)

Essay Question

Compare and contrast the “Spanish” conquest of the Aztecs and Incas as outlined in the lectures and (especially) your readings. How were the Spanish able to conquer the well-developed political systems in both regions so quickly? What element, in your opinion, stands out when thinking about the conquest of the Inca, and the Aztecs?


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