Historical analysis of a surveyed landscape

Write a history of human settlement of one of the surveyed landscapes listed below, in up to 2500 words.1. Guadalquivir valley, Spain.Guidance:This exercise requires you to write about a Mediterranean landscape and its inhabitants, analysing the ways in which it changed over time. Think of it as like creating your own ‘Definite Place’ analysis.There are three priorities:i. It is important to get the basic facts straight before you try to interpret them. Your essay should include a factually accurate account of important finds – the major environmental and human features that surveys have revealed in your chosen landscape from in antiquity. As in your reviews, you will need to be selective. You may end up focussing more of your attention on one area or period of the landscape, but this must be set into the broader context of the landscape and its development over time.ii. You need to analyse how the basic survey information informs us about patterns in the landscape e.g. settlement or depopulation. You also need to consider why these patterns may have occurred in this way in this landscape e.g. by referring to environmental or historical contexts – like if the landscape became involved in wider networks (through empires, colonisation, or trading networks)iii. With the core elements of your analysis in place (and the two core elements are a priority), you can also consider the landscape in the Mediterranean context and in the context of some of the bigger ideas of the module. What might the local patterns you have identified tell us about developments in Mediterranean urbanisation, economy, and so on? Do they conform or refute what you have seen as general trends in lectures and tutorials? If you draw these big-picture comments, try to be specific in your comparisons and observations. Your essay can also take account of the extent and quality of the information on your site orlandscape. This means showing awareness of the programme of archaeological research conducted there, what methods were used and what was or was not done. If the method of investigation has obvious omissions or shortcomings which have affected your historical analysis, say so.The structure of your essay is up to you. It may be roughly chronological or thematic (environment, settlement, economy, etc). You can decide which structure best enables you to organise a rounded analysis of the landscape and the important features of human activity within it.

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Historical analysis of a surveyed landscape
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