HIEU 201 Chapter 1 Quiz/HIEU 201 Chapter 1 Quiz/HIEU 201 Chapter 1 Quiz

1. Paleolithic religious beliefs
a. made a clear distinction between nature and the supernatural.    
b. did not include belief in life after death.    
c. centered around the idea that forces of nature had been created to serve human beings.    
d. centered around the idea that human beings needed to appease the forces of nature.    
2. Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Neolithic Age?
a. Human beings discovered farming.    
b. Human beings started using iron tools.    
c. Human beings established villages.    
d. Human beings domesticated animals.
3. The first civilizations
a. abandoned the monumental architecture of prehistoric cultures.    
b. developed systems for administration, cooperation, and record-keeping.    
c. lacked organized governments.    
d. did not yet possess specialization of labor.
4. Sargon the Great
a. was known for his policy of pursuing peace at any cost.    

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HIEU 201 Chapter 1 Quiz/HIEU 201 Chapter 1 Quiz/HIEU 201 Chapter 1 Quiz
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