Herzing NU216 Final Exam Part 3 Latest/Herzing NU216 Final Exam Part 3 Latest

Question 1 
A patient with an acute pharyngitis is seen at the clinic with fever and severe throat pain that affects swallowing. On inspection, the throat is reddened and edematous with patchy yellow exudates. The nurse anticipates that collaborative management will include:
treatment with antibiotics
treatment with antifungal agents
a throat culture or rapid strep antigen test
treatment with medication only if the pharyngitis does not resolve in 3 to 4 days
Question 2
During the assessment of the chest in a patient with pneumococcal pneumonia, the nurse would expect to find
vesicular breath sounds.
increased tactile fremitus.
dry, nonproductive cough.
hyperresonance to percussion.
Question 3
The nurse receives change-of-shift report on the following four patients. Which patient should the nurse assess first?
A 77-year-old patient with tuberculosis (TB) who has four antitubercular medications due in 15 minutes
A 23-year-old patient with cystic fibrosis who has pulmonary function testing scheduled
A 46-year-old patient who has a deep vein thrombosis and is complaining of sudden onset shortness of breath.
A 35-year-old patient who was admitted the previous day with pneumonia and has a temperature of 100.2° F (37.8° C)
Question 4
Which information will the nurse include in the patient teaching plan for a patient who is receiving rifampin (Rifadin) for treatment of tuberculosis?
“Your urine, sweat, and tears will be orange colored.”
“Read a newspaper daily to check for changes in vision.”
“Take vitamin B6 daily to prevent peripheral nerve damage.”
“Call the health care provider if you notice any hearing loss.”
Question 5
Which initial physical assessment finding would the nurse expect to be present in a patient with acute left sided heart failure?
bubbling crackles and dyspnea
hepatosplenomegaly and tachypnea
peripheral edema and cool, diaphoretic skin
frothy, blood-tinged sputum and distended jugular veins

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Herzing NU216 Final Exam Part 3 Latest/Herzing NU216 Final Exam Part 3 Latest
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