Herzing NU216 Final Exam Part 2 Latest/Herzing NU216 Final Exam Part 2 Latest

Question 1          
After teaching a client with type 2 diabetes mellitus, the nurse assesses the client’s understanding. Which statement made by the client indicates a need for additional teaching?
“I need to have an annual appointment even if my glucose levels are in good control.”
“Since my diabetes is controlled with diet and exercise, I must be seen only if I am sick.”
“I can still develop complications even though I do not have to take insulin at this time.”
“If I have surgery or get very ill, I may have to receive insulin injections for a short time.”
Question 2          
When doing a skin assessment, the nurse applies the ABCDE rule to examine the skin.   
The “C” stands for:color changes   
The “B” stands for: orders even
The “A” stands for: Asymmetrical 
Question 3
A nurse teaches a client with diabetes mellitus about foot care. Which statements should the nurse include in this client’s teaching? (Select all that apply.)
Do not walk around barefoot.”
Soak your feet in a tub each evening.”
Trim toenails straight across with a nail clipper.”
Treat any blisters or sores with Epsom salts.”
Wash your feet every other day.                                         
Question 4          

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Herzing NU216 Final Exam Part 2 Latest/Herzing NU216 Final Exam Part 2 Latest
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