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Question A: In his essay “Herodotus as an Ancient Journalist” (posted on bboard) Saltzman claims that: “Herodotus was arguably the first writer to try to figure out what was reliable and what was unreliable information by the use of what he called “autopsy” — knowing through first-hand experience and personal observation, “being at an event rather than reporting what happened by interviewing other people” (page 156). -How is this demonstrated in the selections from Histories Book 1 you have read? Do you detect any particular sections where “autopsy” appears authentic and convincing? Please use specific examples from Herodotus’ text to illustrate your point of view. -Does Saltzman, in your opinion, make a convincing argument about Herodotus as an ancient journalist? You need to use examples from HIS essay to illustrate your opinion. Do not generalize. Write a four-paragraph response to answer the above.

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