Elevator pitch
This assignment is to come up with an elevator pitch according to those rules.
The two items to submit are an executive summary (pdf or Word file), and a “powerpoint” (a slide deck or screen capture).
An executive summary is a generally longer form of introduction. It has the same info as the introductions I’ve described (problem, task, purpose, findings, implications, recommendations) but usually a little longer, typically a page. However, they are asking for two paragraphs, so you could use the 2 paragraph form described in this class.
You also need to put together a 5 slide powerpoint. A good technical presentation usually avoids “fancy” slide transitions. The competition calls this a “2 minute powerpoint”. I think that means for the competition you have to do more than the slides – you have to create a video presentation. For this class, a screen capture showing the slides with audio will be more than sufficient. (You could do this with zoom).
Slides should be relatively simple. The “7×7” rule says text slides should have no more than about 7 bullet points and about 7 words per line. That is not a strict rule (you can have 8 words on a line) but you should not put paragraphs on a slide. Images should be relevant to the slide and referred to either by the text or your verbal presentation. Do not use images purely as decoration. “Generic” images to illustrate an idea are OK, just don’t go overboard. If you have important numbers to convey (costs, profits, quantified benefits), put them on the slide. It’s risky to only convey numbers verbally, as they can be missed or forgotten.
Two minute PowerPoint/other visual Presentation of the Venture
and a short executive summary (maximum of 2 paragraphs)
Your Two-minute PowerPoint must include the following 5 elements:
1. Description of the idea (product/other offering) – Emphasize the innovation or the uniqueness of your idea
2. Description of current and potential competition (similar products/services available) – Also, what about your product/service that is better.
3. Description of potential market/beneficiaries – Its size and potential growth
4. Describe the team
5. How you will make money/receive funding (for non-profit) and how much

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