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As your newspaper can be dated either in the past or in the future, you will need to conduct research on topics relevant to your chosen time period. Therefore, a Works Cited is required. Remember, the theme of wealth and poverty should be clearly apparent to the reader. Make sure your newspaper includes: 
• A Masthead 
• A Headline 
• A Byline 
• Columns
 Look at your local newspaper and examine the layout carefully. You will want to use it as a model. You may use the columns feature in MS Word to create newspaper columns. If you are more experienced, you may also try your hand at using MS Publisher which is a popular desktop publishing program. 

 Advertisements (2 total) 
 MLA-formatted Works Cited 
 Satire (minimum 400 words) 
 Opinion/Editorial (minimum 400 words) 
 News Articles (minimum of 150 words each) 
Local News National News International News 

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