Healthcare Mergers & Affiliations 11.16.21

INSERT A PAGE BREAK TO SEPARATE THE TITLE PAGE FROM THE PAPERNOTE: Page numbers begin on page 2 This template for the weekly written assignments is formatted to meet the APA style guide.  Just delete the text in red and insert your content Repeat Title of the Paper Here Do Not BoldReview of Literature  Review of Literature should be a minimum 2 page explanation of the article including the purpose, focus and targeted audience.  The weekly written assignment is due each Sunday at 11:55pm and should include 2-3 pages of content not including the title or reference page.  Papers can be longer than 5 pages.  It is important to select under the page layout tool the correct margins template with 1 inch margins all sides and to check that the auto indent and spacing before and after is set at 0 pt and under paragraph double spacing is selected.  Template already formatted.Summary  The summary should include the major strengths and weaknesses of the article and 1-3 paragraphs in length. Reference citations are not used in this section because no new information should be added since the summary is based on the analysis of information from the readings and references contained in the discussion section. Recommendations  The recommendations section allows the student to express their own ideas about the issues presented in the paper.  This is the only area where personal options or experiences can be included in the paper.INSERT A PAGE BREAK TO SEPARATE THE REFERENCE LIST FROM THE PAPERReferences (title is NOT bold)First line of each reference is flush left and starts with author or name of organization, followed by date of publication, title of the source, title of what the source is found in (if anything, such as a journal, book, or Web site) and the publication information per the APA style guide for each type of reference.  Hanging indent is used for all but the first line of each reference. See Sample below. This page is formatted with the hanging indent.Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (2010, July). Overview: The Gates Foundation’s HIV Strategy. Retrieved from strategy-overview.pdf

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Healthcare Mergers & Affiliations 11.16.21
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