Hazard Mapping

 Hazard Mapping

Name one significant hazard in your community of residence and create a map or other presentation demonstrating its location and possible area of effect. Do not use a military facility or installation.  I am looking for a community-based natural, technological, or human-source hazard.

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Hazard Mapping
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You may also want to identify Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) that would be affected by your hazard.  CIKR elements can include Police, Fire, Hospital, EMS, Water, Power, Communications, Mortuary, etc.

Use online tools such as Google MyMaps and FEMA regional HIRA mapping and historical data to inform and display information on your hazard.

While you are free to display your hazard and its area of effect using any online tool, instructions are attached at the bottom of this post on how to use Google Maps.  You may alternatively use another mapping service, or compile spreadsheets, lists, etc.

You will post:

  • – a link or attachment to your map or presentation displaying your chosen hazard and its area of effect
  • – a 350-400 word introduction to your map, listing key takeaways as to the vulnerability of your location to the hazard, – such as the amount of population or CIKR elements affected,
  • your experience in using the tool,
  • – and ways in which you can see yourself using it in your current or future profession.


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