You as our customer deserve quality services and we are here to offer you safety and satisfaction with our services and for that we take our guarantees solemnly. It will take you seconds to read this page and clear all of your doubts about our writing services.


Our papers are authentic and are all written as required by our customer. Your assignment will never be resold to anyone else since we tackle the assignments from scratch and we do not have any database for the already written papers. We are aplomb about our writers ethics but to be safer, we check for plagiarism before sending the final paper to you.To achieve all these, we use our own plagiarism-detector that is as systematic as other softwares with same functions.


100% money back

This happens mostly when a customer has decided to cancel an order. We give a 100% refund if you were quick and applied for a refund immediately but the moment a writer has started working on your assignment, the compensation will be different depending on the time already spent on the paper lets say like 50-70% range. At times, a client may decide to apply for a recompense on a mere thought of poor quality and in a such a case, our dispute manager resolves your request respecting your concern as the customer and the writers interest.



Your data is ver precious to us. As a matter of fact, the information we obtain from you will be highly secured and we do not need much of your personal details. Your privacy is the priority of our company and if you need to be more convinced, you can read about our strict obedience to the new GDPR rules.


Revision Policy

Once we’ve sent you the final paper and gone through it and still think that it could be more appealing, you can apply for a revision of which we will be obliged to do. This alternative is open to as many times as you wish and find necessary as long as your demands will not change with each review. Since we expect you to be fully satisfied with the services we deliver, the option of revision is free of charge.


24/7 support

In our FAQ block, we’ve provided responses to the frequent asked questions but if i yours is urgent and needs a quick response, be confident to contact our 24/7 support team who are very friendly, ready and prepared to assist you with any concerning matter. Our crew members are available via live chat, phone and email.

Read our terms and conditions for information about your rights and obligations.



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