GT 3335_70_2016SP_ Chapter 9-Organizational Behavior Assessment

Question 1
Like many other marketing strategy specialists, Mark Fritz relies heavily on creativity and originality. Members of his team are selected on the basis of their ability to think divergently, and Mark often conducts activities to ensure that this ability is developed. For instance, before any new project, Mark invites his team to sit together and churn out possible ideas about the new product, its theme, and ways in which it can be projected best in the market. These sessions usually provide him with a bank of potential ideas from which the team selects some strong concepts and develops them into a campaign. To encourage freedom in these sessions, Mark has a no-evaluation policy. This is an example of ________.
A. social loafing
B. brainstorming
C. in-group favoritism
D. groupthink
E. groupshift


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GT 3335_70_2016SP_ Chapter 9-Organizational Behavior Assessment
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