Group: Teamwork, Motivation and communicate

Imagine your team has been given the task of consulting with a local health care facility that has been experiencing some issues with its staff. The facility’s leadership has noted communication, motivation, and teamwork as the primary issues, and they have asked your group to provide some strategies to improve these areas.
Assignment Directions:
Part 1: Preparing For Your Group’s Assignment
Note: Your group’s Part 1 assignment components won’t be turned in as part of this assignment, but the components will serve as research and preparation for Part 2 of this assignment that will be turned in.
Individually, research components of effective teams and communication.
Choose your top 3 components, including the citations, and share them with your group.
As a group, decide on the top 5 components of those the group members contributed to use for this assignment.
Part 2: Completing Your Group’s Assignment
Create a proposal in a 10- to 15-slide presentation to the health care facility’s leadership team in which your team addresses the following prompts and explains how your choices would be effective:

Identify key components of an effective team.
Identify methods and environments for encouraging teams to work well with each other.
Discuss motivational techniques to encourage all individual employees, along with the entire team, to work efficiently and effectively.
Recommend a plan(s) to create a space where good conflict is encouraged and bad conflict is managed.
Discuss strategies to improve communication from the top down, the bottom up, and between coworkers.
Conclude with a few strategies on how the health care facility’s leadership team can determine if their changes were successful.

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Group: Teamwork, Motivation and communicate
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Cite 3 references to support your assignment. 1 reference may be the course textbook.
Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines. 


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