Grants and Budget

You are notified that two Board of Education members are going to be touring your school next week. They are especially interested in seeing examples of a budget increase and a budget decrease and how they actually impact student learning in the classroom. For 2018-2019, there has been a budget decrease in Title I programs and a budget increase in Other Federal Grants, so you decide to show them examples of programs affected in these line items. 
Visit the Port Townsend School District Budget & Financial Reports page and review the 2018-19 Budget. Look at Line Item 6151 (decrease in Title I) and Line Item 6152 (increase in Other Federal Grants) on GF4.
Research what the Title I grant covered and research what the grants listed in Line Item 6152 cover. Think about what those grants might provide for students in your school and what the decrease in Line Item 6151 and the increase in Line Item 6152 may look like at the classroom level.
Describe in a post of 300–500 words what might be cut and what might be enhanced in each of these areas.
Cite your resources in APA style.

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Grants and Budget
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